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Tributes to a Parent

With the recent passing of Mike's mom, we thought it was fitting to show the tributes he and his sister, Stephanie, had written, as well as the tributes I wrote to my parents. A tribute can be life changing in life and after death. We found that all of these relationships were deepened after writing one.

Even if you did not have a good relationship with your parent you should be able to remember a few things that meant something. Honor you parent with those. As Dennis Rainey says, "It's time to take our parents out of the courtroom and cancel the trial." 

 If you would like help with writing one yourself, go to ShopFamilyLife.com and search for  The Forgotten Commandment

The simplest way is to take a few weeks or months to collect good memories. Just jot them down as you think of them. Then when you're ready, sit down and write them out. Frame it, and give it in person. You'll be so glad you did!

Read our tributes below. 

Mike's Mom, Dottie Warren

Click here for Mike's Tribute

Click here for Stephanie's Tribute 

Cyndi's Tribute to her Mom, Diana Carney

Click here for tribute 

Cyndi's Tribute to her Dad - Tom Carney

Click here for tribute