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Help for Hurting Homes

To begin, change or discontinue electronic giving: https://give.cru.org/0428264 

You Can Help Make Marriages Stronger ...

Over 40% of adults now come from broken homes.  We would like to ask you to join us in the race to save the family -- a race we must win.  We simply cannot do it alone.  You are the runner; we are just the baton in the relay ... you are passing on the power for families to win, one hurting home at a time.  

YES! We want to help:

online with credit card or bank draft, monthly, quarterly, yearly or one-time.  We would like to challenge you to prayerfully consider giving $100 per month or some other amount.

This is a partnership.  We don't only ask you to sponsor and pray for us.  We also pray for you, keep in touch with our monthly newsletter, and offer one Discount Certificate per fiscal year to financial partners, who give at least $120 a year, for a savings of $180. Click on the heart below to become our ministry partner!


Our Story

We did not come to be here by accident.  FamilyLife has touched our lives in a way that is very personal.  Click our picture, below, to read more.



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