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How Can I Know God Personally?

God's Promises

This document is a work in progress so it's a little rough. Encourage yourself by picking a promise or two each day and letting each word and phrase soak in a little at a time.

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Divorce ...

Prevent Divorce ... and Help Troubled Marriages

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Tips for Practicing the Art of Silence 

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Power Failure?

Tap into the power Source for a happier family:

Spiritual battle?


Be not afraid!

"Leap up at the sound of this promise!  Believe it.  Let it go down into your souls.  'The Lord looseth the prisoners' (Psalm 146:7, KJV).  He has come to loose you.  I can see my Master arrayed in His silk garments.  His countenance is as joyous as heaven, His face is as bright as a morning without clouds, and in His hand He holds a silver key. 'Where are you going, my Master, with that silver key of Yours?' I ask. 'I go,' He says, 'to open the door of the captive and to loosen everyone who is bound.' Blessed Master fulfill Your errand . . . !"

~ Charles Spurgeon, Spurgeon on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, as quoted by Beth Moore

Whatever your problem, let Beth teach you how to pack a wallop by praying Scripture.


Get your house clean and have fun too!!

Overwhelmed with Housework - Never Fear FlyLady's Here! - FLY stands for Finally Loving Yourself and she's my hero. 

This stuff works. Simpler than you ever imagined!

"Make it fun and you'll get it done!" ~ FlyLady


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